Absolute Zero: Book Two of the Absolute Knowledge Series

The lies and corruption extended further than I could have imagined. My life in Olympus was only getting started, yet I had almost lost everything and everyone I loved. The isolation of Olympus from the rest of the country was staggering, and it made it difficult to comprehend what was happening on the outside when the truth was finally revealed. Everything was falling apart, and nothing was safe from the Omniscience Engine and its sinister force of progress, Infinitum.

My name is Jacob Ashton, and this is my story.

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Absolute Zero is the second novel in the Absolute Knowledge series which takes place in the dying country of New York. The stakes are higher now, and it’s impossible to know who can be trusted. Scrambling to find the truth and a weapon against an increasingly malevolent enemy, Baron Jacob Ashton must unite with his allies and face insurmountable danger throughout the different tiers of New York before the whole country collapses from the inside out.

In Absolute Zero, everything stops.

Absolute Zero is available for digital pre-order on Amazon now and will be sold in another Kickstarter campaign later in April, 2017. To stay up to date on when the project launches, join my no-spam mailing list (1-2 emails per month) and grab a free copy of my Absolute Knowledge prequel novella, Paragon.EXE right here.

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