Absolute Knowledge Novellas

The Absolute Knowledge novellas, which are set in the Absolute Knowledge universe, are all standalone content that can be enjoyed at any time along with the rest of the main series. All the novellas tell a unique, independent story set in the Absolute Knowledge universe and serve as both telling a new story and building on the universe the main novels are set in. There’s a ton of great content in these novels which will add to the intrigue, and worldbuilding while introducing you to new characters and time periods.


Paragon.EXE is the first standalone prequel novella in the Absolute Knowledge series. Fueled by the Cold War, the development of the technology that led to the Absolute Knowledge project began with very different objectives than are present in the year 2146, over two hundred years in the future from the start of the Omniscient project.

Created as a project to aid leadership in the case of catastrophe, the Omniscient project was morphed by corruption and the pursuit of the unknown. These changes were hidden through time only to resurface when the stakes were much higher.

Paragon.EXE takes place in the 1960s and 2020s and follows the chilling development of the Absolute Knowledge project from its cryptic roots.

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Exiles of Ascension

It’s 2122 and the residents of the International Space Station have been on their own since 2039, living on a deteriorating station with no contact from Earth or any of the lunar or Martian bases. When the crew of the ISS manage to crack a strange signal that’s been broadcasted from Earth for over eighty years, catastrophe strikes and the station starts plummeting toward Earth.

With limited plans for survival, the remaining survivors of the ISS must forge new lives away from Earth in the face of uncertainty and an unknown enemy.

Exiles of Ascension is the second standalone prequel novella set in the Absolute Knowledge Universe.

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