The Comprehensive Cyberpunk Starter Pack

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This cyberpunk starter pack is designed for people that want to enter the world of cyberpunk society. It contains all of the basics that you might need. With all of the “Is this cyberpunk? <Insert non-cyberpunk file here/> posts going around on the popular Cyberpunk Facebook group, this pack should help you get started in your new life. You’ll want to blend in, sure, but if you’re intent on profiting in the world of corporate control and hyper-aggressive law enforcement, then you’ll need some tools to break the rules and make it out safely. Here’s everything that’s included with your basic cyberpunk starter kit. (All images are owned by their respective owners and are aggregated from Pinterest.)

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Futuristic currency

You’ll need some currency from the new society you’ll be living in. Either cold, hard cash¬†or a preloaded balance hooked up to your cybernetic NFC payment chip that’s implanted in your arm. You’ll want your money to be clean so that suspicion isn’t drawn to you, and you’ll also need easy access to it to purchase more gear or hire more help to accomplish your missions or aid the syndicate you’ll be working with.


Wherever you’re going, it’s probably going to be raining. Most cyberpunk societies feature heavy downfalls¬†and well thought out city infrastructure to drain all the excess water and put it to other use. Oh, and never skimp out on paying for clean water, the rain isn’t safe to drink. The rain doesn’t cost anything, but it’s a mandatory addition to any good cyberpunk starter pack.

A quality coat

You’ll need a good coat. Preferably one that can conceal your belongings, is imbued with some tech, and one that will keep the seemingly endless rain off from soaking you to the bone. Your coat should have a hood or face mask to protect you from the smog or to help you slip into the shadows, and it would ideally also have some sort of energy-resistant armoring, or other tech to protect you if things get dicey. Your coat is one of your best assets, and shouldn’t be undervalued by any means.


Is it even cyberpunk without noodles? Find a good noodle cart or stall near your home, and stick to it. Typically, the best noodles are found in the most unlikely of places. Run down areas tend to have the best noodles available. Ideally, you’ll be eating a bowl of noodles every day to keep your body well fueled while you’re out and about in the city. I wrote an awesome post about noodles in cyberpunk that you can check out right here.

Wearable tech

What cyberpunk starter pack would be complete without some tech? You’re going to need some wearable tech. Ideally, some gear that will help you hack into systems, hijack AI and robots, and brute force your way through anything that would try to keep you out. Wearable tech lets you hack to your heart’s content without the need to carry around bulky equipment that will get in your way when things get rough. Find some hacktivists on the street that can sell you some homemade tech for cheap, just be sure it works well and get a recipt for your purchase or make it yourself.

A trusty, concealable weapon

It doesn’t matter how sharp your tongue is, there will come a time when you’ll need to answer with a bullet or burst of energy from your trusty weapon. Buy American or Japanese, and don’t be stingy with your ammo quality. Clean your weapon at least once a month, and file down the front sights so you can draw it from its holster faster and without snag. You should only rely on it as a last resort, but rest easy knowing that you’re protected.

Optional In-App purchases

If you’re a big spender and want to enter your new life under the best circumstances possible, these IAPs are for you.

Cybernetic armor and military-grade weapons

It’s costly, but no one is going to mess with you if you’re carrying around a heavy rifle and wearing a full suit of armor. Your implants, cybernetics, and tech will make you a force that can’t be rivaled.

AI protection detail

With a full squad of AI robots protecting you, you’ll be in good hands. These bots aren’t cheap, but they’re also your best shot at surviving whatever comes your way. They’ll fight til their destruction to get you out of any mess safely.

Corporate sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship is your best shot of success in your new life. With the power of a large corporation on your side, you won’t have to worry about anything that comes your way. Access to the company coffers will buy you the best of everything, and grant you unparalleled wealth and power.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this Cyberpunk starter pack. Have any additions to the pack? Let me know in the comments below!

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